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Class Schedule:

2101 Orthodox Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19124
(215) 535-4388

Winter Schedule

Monday: Class: Instructor:  
7:00pm Ladies Techniques Evelyn Figueroa (5 weeks November Only)
8:15pm NEW Basic Salsa Evelyn Figueroa  

Tuesday: Class: Instructor:
7:00pm NEW Intermediate Salsa Cori Garcia
8:15pm Intermediate Salsa Cori Garcia

Wednesday: Class: Instructor:
7:00pm Advanced Turn Patterns Yamil Collazo
8:15pm Turn Patterns Edwin Muñoz

Thursday: Class:  
  Private Classes & Practices Call Studio for Weekly Schedule

Friday: Class:  
  Private Classes & Practices Call Studio for Weekly Schedule

Saturday: Class: Instructor  
12:15pm New Salsa Basic/ Intermediate Edwin Muñoz  
1:30pm Childrens Salsa Christina Garcia (No new students until January 2005)

Starting December 2004:

Percussion class from 7:00 - 8:00 w/ Louie Dicupe

This will be a group class, Louie will be working on congas and progress into other areas as well. We ask that you bring your conga with you. We will have a limited number of congas available for your use, but not enough for everyone. Adults $15.00 per person for 1 hour.
*Young peoples - Percussion class will begin in January.

Aerobics, Hip Hop class, ballet for children coming soon!
Interviews are being held, stay tuned for more details.

Walk-ins are welcomed at the Basic level ONLY, all other levels must be tested by the instructors.

*private classes are available during daytime hours with advance registration In the event of inclement weather conditions please contact the studio for information (215)535-4388

Private Classes & studio rentals are available, please call the studio for information (215)535-4388

We are looking for an aerobics instructor anyone interested please call the studio and leave
your name and number we will contact you asap.

Payment Schedule
$10/hr Monthly Payment Plan
Dance Sneakers Mandatory
No Registration Fee
Private Classes Available