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Welcome to!
2101 Orthodox Street
Philadelphia, PA, 19124
Tel.(215) 535-4388
About Us at “Salsero's International Dance Company.”
Salsero's is the first licensed salsa dance studio in Philadelphia with over 15 years of experience. Our mission is to enhance the love that we have for Latin dancing and music by providing the best instruction and avenue in which to showcase what is taught. Salsero's is a reputable Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Latin Dance Company specializing in the full instruction of Salsa (basic, intermediate, turn patters, ladies styling), Mambo on 2, Merengue, Cha Cha Cha, and Bachata. We have classes available for children, teen-agers, and adults. Our staff is totally bi-lingual.
Featured Instructor:
Name: Yamil Collazo a.k.a. DJ La Clave
Age: 24
Born: Guayama, Puerto Rico
Dance Experience: 2.5 Years
DJ Experience: 2 Years
Instructor Experience: 1 Year
Class: Turn Patterns

“La Salsa se come, el MAMBO se BAILAAAAAAA!”