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Yamil Collazo (a.k.a. Dj La Clave )
“La Salsa se come, el MAMBO se BAILAAAAAAA!”

Name: Yamil Collazo a.k.a. DJ La Clave
Age: 24
Born: Guayama, Puerto Rico
Dance Experience: 2.5 Years
DJ Experience: 2 Years
Instructor Experience: 1 Year
Class: Turn Patterns

“Salsa, to me, is not a faze nor is it a temporary thing or a way to make money. Salsa, to me, is a way of life! It's what I grew up listening to, what my parents grew up listening to, what my parent's parents grew up listening to. I've always loved the percussion aspect of it. Growing up, I saved money to buy my own pair of Bongos, Timbales and Congas. I spent many days and nights in my room playing with them and enjoying their tropical sounds. But it wasn't until 2 and a half years ago when I embraced the dancing aspect of it and I took a few lessons at Salseros International…the rest is history! I dance everyday…in my car, room, shower (too much info huh?)…EVERYWHERE! I can not get enough of it. Today, I'm currently an instructor at Salseros International and a Disc Jockey. My goal? To share with others what others have shared with me. My advice to you? Never forget where YOU started…stick to your ROOTS…and have FUN, and a beer! : ) ”