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Edwin Muñoz
"Show the Love!"

Name: Edwin Muñoz
Dance Experience:
Instructor Experience:
Class: Turn Patterns

"The man who shows the love", Edwin is the co-owner of Salseros Dance Studio. He has been involved with the Salsa scene in Philadelphia for well over 35 years. He is presently teaching the beginners and intermediate turn pattern classes as well as the basic & intermediate salsa classes on Saturday's. Edwin brings with him many years of experience which allows for him to pull from his pockets many turns and moves. He also has the ability to create new turns which makes his class one of a kind. Edwin loves to look back at his students when they were just starting taking pride in seeing their hard work and determination on the dance floor. His class is a work-out and he is known as the military man of Salseros. Edwin has a great knowledge of the music and the background behind the music. He has a remarkable sense of what fits for the individual taking his class and how to bring out the best in each individual person. Edwin loves teaching and hopes that through him many more will be showing the love.