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Evelyn Figueroa

Name: Evelyn Figueroa
Dance Experience:
Instructor Experience:
Class: Salsa Basic

Evelyn is the proud owner of Salseros Dance Studio, the first Salsa dance school in Philadelphia. She holds a Master's degree in Education which provides her with expert classroom management skills and mixtures of styles of learning. She is presently teaching the salsa basic classes as well as some of the ladies technique classes but has taught at all levels. Her marked is her patience for teaching and her foot work which she says comes from the beat of the music. She enjoys this area of teaching because it allows her to instill the love and respect for the music and the dance. She takes great pride in offering her expertise in various forms of teaching dependent upon the individuals style of learning. She enjoys breaking down the steps and creating ways of teaching people from diverse cultures. Evelyn has been involved in the Salsa scene here in Philadelphia for well over 35 years. Her message to her students is to dance with pride and respect for within the dance lies a mixture of all the people that were involved in your learning.