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Popup Wizard

X PositionY Position
(100 Min.)
(80 Min.)
UNIQUE box IDContent Text
Content Background ColorContent Text Color
Content Font Style SetTitle Text
Titlebar Background ColorTitlebar Text Color
Border ColorScrollbar Color
(IE5.5+ only)
Shadow ColorShown on Start?
OK for old browsers? Popup ONCE
per browser session?

To install this script, follow the steps below:

Explanation of function new PopUp(.....)

new popUp(left_position, top_position, width, height, id_of_box, content_text, content_bgcolor, content_text_color, content_font_stylestring, title_text, title_bgcolor, title_text_color, border_color,  scrollbar_color, shadow_color, is_hidden_on_start, is_draggable, is_resizeable, show_old, sessioncontrol);